Friday, April 3, 2009

Bear Walk

I've noticed a bunch of little things that could use a tweaking but overall I'm very happy with this.


sussman said...

thats a sick cheetah, man.
seriously though, nice bear
it would definitely beat my polar bear in a tickle fight

agnes said...

:O Awesome! I really really like it, it has such a nice style and is very consistent! Good job Drewman!

It'd be nice to see a little bit more weight rippling through the body as he stomps down.

I can just stare and stare and stare at it. So jealous that my own animal walk was crap :P

Drew Petursson: said...

Thanks Agnes!

I do intend to go back and re-draw the tail in two or so frames and the front paw in one so I may be able to add some more to his stomps then.

We'll see if I ever get around to it.

noodlenoggen said...

Oh that's a nice one Drew! Definitely the best bear one I've seen - I love the fat little legs and butt, heehee.